Will Bitwig Studio be the better Ableton Live?

German software manufacturer Bitwig just presented a video of their highly anticipated DAW “Bitwig Studio”. I’m kind of shocked it doesn’t only look like Ableton Live, it also sports many of Live’s distinctive features.

Bitwig Studio is a multi-platform music-creation system for production, performance and DJing, with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow.

While I really love what Bitwig’s doing (an alternative DAW for live music situations) I’m a bit concerned about what Ableton is going to do about it and I’m sure they will bring this up to the table.

Take a look for yourself:

While most parts are clearly cloned, some other features are remarkably innovative like the per-note automation, open multiple documents at the same time to exchange parts or Linux support. On the other hand we don’t know yet what Ableton itself has to offer for it’s due version 9 of Live.

But the most important question is, do we need an Ableton Live clone at all? Well, this will be answered once we get a chance to test-drive Bitwig Studio.

Until then let us know what you think and if you would give Bitwig Studio a chance!

Bitwig’s offical website

2 Responses to "Will Bitwig Studio be the better Ableton Live?"

  1. Mig says:

    I don’t see this as a clone, like some people say. Who cares? Ableton should be then sued by Microsoft because it looks like Excel. Users will decide which tool they want to buy at the end.

  2. Kersten says:

    Hehe, good point. But it’s undeniable that the clips, the layout, the integrated synths and effects are clearly inspired by Live. So let’s say they’re inspired and knowing that some members of the Bitwig team originated from Ableton it definitely explains it.

    However, don’t get me wrong here, I like the idea and I strongly appreciate making the good stuff even better.

    We’ll keep an eye on it – looking forward to the official release.

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