Tap into a new world with Pulse

I love making sounds with all kinds of general household items and I still enjoy drumming on almost anything that vaguely resembles a percussive instrument. And since I sold my Maschine I dislike playing drum sounds on a standard MIDI keyboard. But with Pulse, there seems to be a perfect solution in sight.

At the core of all music creation lies a pulse. In an age of gear-overload, many of us have forgotten the most effective and intuitive pulse generator – a finger tap.

So it’s that easy. Simply select Pulse as your MIDI controller and start making sounds with the synth or sampler of your choice by drumming on your desk. I can only say – WOW. This is exactly what I need and it even comes cheap at a mere $59-64 (depending on the chose package).

So why haven’t I ordered it yet? Well, there are 2 major downsides to it:

  1. At the moment it will only be shipped within the United States but you can leave your email for a notification when Pulse will be available outside the US.
  2. It’s only available for Mac and it seems like it won’t be available for PC at all.

I have to admit I’m hugely disappointed since Pulse doesn’t like a European PC user like me : ) But if you get a chance to test Pulse please leave a comment with your thoughts about it.

Official Pulse Website

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