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When Mixed in Key announced their new software “MashUp” the first thing I thought was – are people still making mashup songs? Well, the hype might be over but I have to admit creating mashup’s is still a fun thing to do. So I guess it will never really fade.

What is a mashup song? It’s basically a mix of 2 or more songs which are edited to match tempo and key. A mashup can be just an instrumental version of one song and an acapella version of another song. Or, like latest trends, consist of a lot more songs blended into one monster mix.

Mixed in Key already produced the DJ software with the same name and as it implies, the main feature is detecting and matching the keys of the songs before you start mixing. So it was only a short way to come up with the idea to MashUp.

We had a simple idea.  We wanted to create our mashups in 5 minutes or less, but there was no easy way to do it. We created Mashup software to help you beatmatch tracks and save your results to new MP3 files.  Add as many tracks as you want, and even create your own podcasts in it.

For a mere $39 I just had to try it and purchased a copy. The graphical user interface is gorgeous and everything is self-explanatory. Moving and editing the songs feels much like Ableton Live which leads to the question if you need MashUp at all if you already have Ableton Live? As an experienced user you’re better off with Live but for beginners MashUp is a handy little tool as it automatically matches key and tempo which you otherwise have to do manually. Same goes for any modern DJ software, pretty much everything MashUp does can be done in there as well.

But in the end I like the idea of it and that you have this little tool that does one thing and does it well. If you’re using a modern DAW or DJ software you don’t really need it. For everyone else I can highly recommend MashUp, it’s hours and hours of fun.

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