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Vocal Attack: Jana Edition

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'Vocal Attack: Jana Edition' brings you all the chilling female vocal samples from amazing artist Jana Tarasenko found in 'Vocal Attack Vols 1-3' and 'Lounge Vibes', all in one incredible pack, plus more than 100 brand new and unheard bonus vocals.

This must-have edition includes phrases, shouts, lines, adlibs and many more elements essential to add creativity and depth to your productions.

Useful for all genres including ambient, chillout, lounge, pop, jazz, dance, trance and many more, this pack includes 425 royalty-free female vocal samples cleared for personal and commercial use.

Technical Specifications:

  • WAV format
  • 425 female vocal samples
  • Most tracks with BPM and key information

Suitable for Ambient, Dance, House, Jazz, Lounge, Pop, Rock, Trance etc.

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