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Progressions Vol 1 + Vol 2 Bundle *SAVE 50%*

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The Progressions Vol 1 + 2 Bundle includes Vol 2 for free saving you 50%.

Progressions Vol. 1 from Function Loops - Tech-Trance/Progressive/Psy-Trance project for Cubase 5. This is a simple project for learning some basic techniques of production. Contains both audio + midi channels.

The project will help you to understand how the things go together, it's not complicated like other projects that you find on sale, its clear and simple - shows you exactly how to make professional kick and bass, hi frequencies, riffs, melodies, special effects, breaks and passovers.

You can see the arrangment and mix, some channels have EQ, Reverb, Delays, Limiters, Dynamics and more, so you can learn how it works. You don't need any VSTs to run the project, because you find the exports of the VSTs near each midi channel.

All the package is royalty free, so use your imagination, change it, remix it, add more stuff on it – and we are sure that you can make something amazing from the basis you got!

We also decided to include a simple mastering project to show you the basics how to master your own production + few Sylenth v2 VSTi presets.

Progressions Vol.2 kicks again with brand new project for Cubase 5.0. This time its a comercial trance/progressive trance project!

Inside you will find the whole arangment, basslines (you can see exactly which vst to put on bass, to make it pumping), midi files and notes, seperated loops and hi-hats(so you can learn how to build your own loops), effects , melodies , riffs and synthlines!

Everything is made using ONLY Cubase Vsts so you don't need any other software. You can see and learn exact EQ cuts, how to use Reverbs and Delays, Filters and automation.

The project is simple and not too much complicated, makes it user-friendly! The project combines the light side of trance and the more hard elements, so you can remake it , change, and take it to the direction you wish your new track would sound! There's also some bonus material included as a gift from us!

A few categories of percusions, kicks, leads, effects and synths , all in the same note as the project, so you can use them when remaking the project and getting your own unique track!

Please note: these products require Cubase 5.0

Suitable for Dance, Progressive, Trance etc.

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