Temporal Geometry

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Control Room: Cinematic Ambiences Cover
Control Room: Cinematic Ambiences

'Control Room: Cinematic Ambiences' is a brand new sample pack devoted to Cinematic ambiance, featuring 100 One-Shot sounds consisting of simple atmospheric components layered and stacked into more complex sounds. Use these files to create atmospheric backgrounds for your Cinematic production, or add an extra dimension of depth to just... details

Biomass Density - Dark Ambient and IDM Textures Cover
Biomass Density - Dark Ambient and IDM Textures

Biomass Density features 100 one shot electronic textures designed through additive synthesis, resynthesis and modular processing. The sounds have a dark, gritty, unsettling character that makes them especially suitable for Dark Ambient, IDM, Cinematic and Experimental music as well as for film and video game soundtracks. Features:... details

Spectral Pulse - EDM Loops Cover
Spectral Pulse - EDM Loops

Spectral Pulse - EDM Loops is a sample pack devoted to synth and bass loops for genres such as Techno, House, Electro and Complextro. It contains 100 loops recorded in WAV format at 128bpm. Features: 100 loops 128 bpm WAV format Suitable for EDM, Electro-House, Progressive-House, Temporal-Geometry, WAV etc. details

Ghost Spaceship: Cinematic Drones Cover
Ghost Spaceship: Cinematic Drones

'Ghost Spaceship: Cinematic Drones' is a sample pack full of dark, Cinematic drones, eerie soundscapes and disturbing atmospheres orientated to film, video games and Dark Ambient, though it may also be used for other musical styles with a deep, dark edge to add some extra depth. You'll find 100 complex drone sounds in the form of textures,... details

Ionic Emissions: Cinematic Effects Cover
Ionic Emissions: Cinematic Effects

'Ionic Emissions: Cinematic Effects' is a sample pack charged with 100 Cinematic orientated sound effects divided into Effects, Impacts and Whooshes. These samples are ideal for soundtracks and Cinematic production for both film and video games with a futuristic edge, as well as for all sorts of Electronic Music genres. Give your FX... details

Synthetic Matter: Cinematic Textures Cover
Synthetic Matter: Cinematic Textures

'Synthetic Matter: Cinematic Textures' is a sample pack conceived specifically to cover the intricate and complex world of synthetic textures in its most dramatic, obscure and Cinematic form. The pack contains 100 textures that will provide an extra touch of grunge, dread and thrill to any project with a Cinematic edge, be it film, music or... details

Sea Of Clouds: Cinematic Pads Cover
Sea Of Clouds: Cinematic Pads

'Sea Of Clouds: Cinematic Pads' consists of 100 pads categorised under different chords and harmonies. The sounds have a distinctive, smooth character with a subtle touch of tension, drama and emotional charge, which makes this pack especially useful for film and video games, as well as for music productions with a deep edge. These are... details

Gamma Pulse: EDM Elements Cover
Gamma Pulse: EDM Elements

'Gamma Pulse: EDM Elements' features 114 loops recorded at 105 BPM and devoted to Electronic Dance Music, and more specifically, to Glitch Hop and Breaks. The loops are divided into basslines, synth lines, FX shots, and glitches, with a very rhythmic and funky character but keeping it very futuristic and electronic, as well. Pick up these... details

Energy Core: EDM Elements Cover
Energy Core: EDM Elements

'Energy Core: EDM Elements' is a brand new sample pack oriented towards Electronic Dance Music and centered around percussion and glitch loops. Recorded at a uniform tempo, each of these 100 loops can be easily mixed and match to create a near infinite amount of complex and powerful beats. The pack contains 100 loops recorded at 130 BPM of... details

Kinetic Flux: EDM Elements Cover
Kinetic Flux: EDM Elements

'Kinetic Flux: EDM Elements' is a sample pack designed for producers of Electronic Dance Music that contains 170 original and Royalty-Free sounds. All loops have been recorded at 120 BPM for easy mixing and matching and are ready to be dropped into personal or commercial productions. In detail, you'll find 23 sound effects, 37 synth shots... details

Biotech Hazard: Cinematic Drum Loops Cover
Biotech Hazard: Cinematic Drum Loops

'Biotech Hazard: Cinematic Drum Loops' brings you 500 versatile drum loops divided into five kit groups with tempos ranging from 100-140 BPM. Whether you're scoring for a video game or a film you're sure to find a solid foundation to your track in this collection of action-oacked futuristic drum loops. This pack has been built around 5... details

Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads Cover
Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads

'Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads' is a sample pack devoted to the production of modern cinematic style soundtracks made up of 100 loops recorded at tempos from 90 to 130 BPM. This pack is perfect for producers of various EDM styles or composers for the screen. All of the loops have a dystopian, gritty and dramatic character employing... details

Drifting Particles: Cinematic Keys Cover
Drifting Particles: Cinematic Keys

'Drifting Particles: Cinematic Keys' is a set of 100 loops based on Cinematic synth keys. The pack covers a wide span of different harmonies and tempos for further versatility. This pack is especially oriented to Cinematic based projects but can also be used as a means to add some drama and depth to other styles such as Ambient or IDM.... details

Awaken Forces: Cinematic Chord Loops Cover
Awaken Forces: Cinematic Chord Loops

'Awaken Forces: Cinematic Chord Loops' features 100 Cinematic samples based on synth chords. The pack is divided into five folders with diverse tempos and harmonies to make it more versatile and suitable for different projects. This pack features everything you need to create fantastic Cinematic tracks. Product Details: 100... details

Shattered: Cinematic Arps Cover
Shattered: Cinematic Arps

'Shattered: Cinematic Arps' features 100 arp loops recorded at several tempos and with different chords and articulations. These loops have been designed with different modulation techniques in order to achieve a certain level of dynamism in the sound. The mood of this pack varies from subtlety and unobtrusive tranquility to a more... details