Deep, Tech & Minimal

Loops and Samples for Deep, Tech & Minimal House

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Experimental Percussion

Infect your dance tracks with this twisted collection of synth and noise loopscapes spanning tempos from 125 to 135 BPM. Those familiar with the acclaimed Haunted House will be familiar with the outrageous sonic adventures that comprise the Electronic Critters series. This pack brings the label's talents to the dancefloor, offering 300... details

Deep Kicks

If you're looking for studio quality, tight and deep kick drums - look no further. We've tweaked our equipment and even programmed new filters to achieve a type and quality of sound which is rare to find. Stop sampling isolated kicks from full tracks. Your music simply deserves better. "Deep Kicks" includes 100 extremely powerful... details


"Minimalistech" kicks off a new line of sample packs made by Beatluxe. This pack includes 100% kick-free loops to build your own intricate Minimal grooves and pounding Tech House throbbers. The core of this release are groove loops with a large number of wobbling and glitched low-end grooves which literally fill the gaps between the kick... details

Groove Additives

Supercharge your 4x4 beats with this massive producer pack featuring 300+ stripped-back topline rhythm and no-kick drumloops. Groove Additives are 100% copyright-free percussive soundbed loops aimed at House, Minimal and Tech- House producers, which work as a great rhythmical backing for your beats. Build a simple loop from a kick,... details


"Minimum" is the follow-up to the bestselling Beatluxe library "Minimalistech". This pack includes 100% kick-free groove loops to spice up your Minimal and Tech House tracks. These pared-down, minimal top rhythms should simply be added to your existing drum loops and instantly create a gliched-out feel and rhythm. We also added a large... details

Monster Kicks

There are so many kick drum packs around. But none like this genre-wrecking, bass-bin bruising collection of Monster Kicks - 164 beastly analogue and digital kick drums custom made to provide massive punch in techno, trance, DnB, house and industrial productions. With so much choice in the one-shot kick market, esteemed sound designer... details

House Technik

"House Technik" is an ultra-fresh sound collection designed for Tech House and Minimal music. It includes hundreds of world class construction loops which can easily be arranged and combined to create throbbing Minimal and Tech tracks. The core of this release are 50 pumping drum loops which are included as full version as well as... details

Micro Beats

Micro Beats are extremely reduced, minimal top loops to add instant groove to your beats and productions. To create such a detailed and unusual library we programmed hundreds of pumping minimal and tech-house beats. We then used a self-programmed tool to reduce every element of each beat down to extremely short fragments. The results... details

Deep Kicks 2

Hail to the king and warn your neighbours - the Deep Kicks are back! Volume 1 has been used by international DJs and producers because of the amazing quality, usability and number of sounds. And now we are entering round 2... "Deep Kicks 2" includes 100 extremely powerful kicks, all recorded with 5 of our favorite attack and... details

500 Loops Techno Minimal

ACID Records presents you with 500 new drum and percussion Loops for Techno and Minimal productions. These loops are No Kick and No Fx loops and they were produced by Luca from FJ PROJECT. Contains 500 loops in different Styles: 120, 125, 128, 130 BPM. Includes WAV and REX formats PLUS 15 Bonus Kick Drums for Techno and... details

Electricity: Twister Minimal Tech Beats 01

Quickmix Audio presents 'Electricity: Minimal Tech Beats 01'. The first release in their 'Electronic Beats' series. Each minimal tech beat in this pack comes as a full drum loop, without the kick drum and a stripped down version. Put these crispy electrictiy loops to your music to create xtatic club grooves. For Minimal, Tech-House,... details

Acid Techno Grooves

Acid Techno Grooves 'Avin it' samples and loops featuring all you need to produce professional techno tunes. There are loops to build entire tracks, boost your compositions and even create Ableton Live performances. These loops and samples will inspire and aid you in the creation of great techno music! Acid Techno Grooves brings you... details

Electricity Electronix Twister 01

Quickmix Audio presents 'Electricity: Electronix Twister 01'. The first release in their 'electronic percussion' series. This loop pack contains 150 high quality electronic percussion loops. Put these loops to your drums to create xtatic club grooves. What's included? Electronix Twister includes 150 loops in total (50 wav / 50 apple... details

Electricity: Twister Tech Top Loops 01

'Electricity: Twister Tech Top Loops 01' from Quickmix Audio is the first release in their 'Top Loops' series. This loop pack contains 40 high quality electronic tech top loops. Use these loops to enhance your existing drum parts and add serious groove. 'Electricity: Twister Tech Top Loops 01' includes 80 loops in total (40 WAV / 40... details

Groove Additives 2

Our initial sample library is back with it's sequel. Groove Additives 2 is a massive collection of 300 expertly crafted and uniquely processed kick-free top loops. As it's predecessor all loops instantly add complexity and serious groove to your beats. Simply start with your kick drum as foundation and then add one or more Groove... details