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Freak Electronix

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'Freak Electronix' from Studio Wormbone delivers the kind of sonic deviation we've come to expect from their mind bending products. Skillfully blending glitched drums, processed brown-noise, insane synth FX and other unique sounds, this pack is for the producer seeking an experimental edge.

Discard your sense of normal – you won’t be needing it here. This is 'Freak Electronix' from Studio Wormbone and it is the very definition of recontextualized deviation.

It’s an anomaly, an aberration. Inside is a spicy stew of mind bendingly exotic treats for tomorrow’s adventurous musical productions.

This collection skirts along on the fringe of the outlands where few are brave enough to venture. It’s an uncanny, uncommon flavor of artistry. It’s a phenomenon that all music is hungry for. This is disciplined weirdness in the form of unabashed creativity.

Sound Categories:

Variety is the motivation inside these 20 deliciously strange drum loops, 16 ‘brown frequency’ synth bass loops, 25 psychiatric synth FX, 30 astounding synth hits, 25 renegade synth loops, and 20 synthetic percussion loops, in a variety of tempos mostly in 4/4 time signature and centered around 128BPM.

This treasure vault of sounds would be ideal for many genres of techno or cinematic film cues in need of insanely unique stylistic overtones.


Formats provided are WAV/AIF/REX2 in 24bit/44.1khz resolution, and are of course royalty free. Every sample has been professionally recorded, edited, and mastered with the utmost care, is usable with every major audio software program (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Sony Acid, Garageband, Ableton Live, Reason) and is compatible cross platform with either Mac or PC.


The finest available modern analog and high-end digital equipment was used in the development of this product. All of these sounds maintain the glossy refinement of Studio Wormbone’s hyperproduction tools and techniques.

All of them are calibrated with precision to make your next production inventive, far sighted, and mind-blisteringly innovative.

About The Creator:

Studio Wormbone is a compact and efficient state-of-the-art recording and production facility located in a quiet forest setting just outside the Emerald City of Seattle Washington.

Owned and managed by sound designer/producer Trevor Dutton, it’s resources specialize in all aspects of electronic music and cutting edge audio production.


Go ahead - depart from the establishment and let your visionary desires emerge!

Suitable for Ambient, IDM, Sound-Effects, Techno etc.

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