World String Loops - Ronroco Vol 1 Cover

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World String Loops - Ronroco Vol 1

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From the makers of Odd String Thing, and Nylon String Arps, comes another world first! The first installment of our “World String” series features the warm melodic tones of the Bolivian Ronroco. This pack contains 72 stunning loops recorded “dry”, allowing the natural tone and texture of the Ronroco to clearly resonate. Use the loops as is to add a little depth to your tracks, or sprinkle liberally with reverb to produce something magical.

More About the Ronroco:

The Ronroco is a Bolivian/Andean instrument from the lute family. Older brother to the Charango (a smaller instrument whose rounded body was traditionally built from the hollowed out shell of an armadillo) the Ronroco is a ten stringed instrument (5 pairs of 2 strings) which produces a warm, mellow tone which sits beneath and between the mandolin and ukulele.

Pack Contains:

  • 80 BPM - Am - Ronrocco 1 – DRY
  • 80 BPM - Am - Ronrocco 2 – DRY
  • 80 BPM - Am - Ronrocco 3 – DRY
  • 80 BPM - Am - Ronrocco 4 – DRY
  • 80 BPM - Am - Ronrocco Chords 1 – DRY


  • 24-Bit AIFF
  • 24-Bit WAV

Please Note: This pack contains “dry” guitar loops only. Music loops used in the demo have reverb and echo added.

Suitable for Pop, Rock, Vanilla-Groove-Studios, WAV, World-Music etc.

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