Drum-and-Bass Loops


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Monster Bass Cover
Monster Bass

Smokey Loops presents “Monster Bass”, a new collection of sounds hammer. You need to pump energy and intensity in your tracks? Monster Bass brings you 5 Construction Kits with fluid paced rhythms and fresh tones, each containing a single song demo and all its audio components. You will find inside Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody... details

Drum Machines - 32 Drum Kits Cover
Drum Machines - 32 Drum Kits

Hex Loops proudly presents Drum Machines - 32 Drum Kits, a collection of unique drum samples recorded from some of the best vintage drum machines ever: Roland 606, Roland 707, Roland 808, Roland 909, Kawai R50, Yamaha DD10 and Korg ER1. With a total of 290 one shots sample sounds this pack will fit perfect in any electro dance music production... details

Honey Monster Vol. 1 for U-he HIVE Cover
Honey Monster Vol. 1 for U-he HIVE

'Honey Monster Vol. 1' is a collection of 64 new programmed presets created for U-he HIVE. The soundset contain sounds suitable for most electronic genres, e.g. Deep House, Mainroom House, Future House, Garage, Chip-tunes, Drum'n'Bass and even Dub Techno. The pack contains a broad variety of sounds programmed with no particular genre in mind.... details

THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal Cover
THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal
13,00   9,10

Are you looking for a preset collection with a diverse collection of buildup riser effects? Then you have come to the right place! THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal features 52 buildup effects for NI Massive, all with strong characters to stand out and give your buildups a more unique touch that will make you cut through. These riser effects have been... details

Bio-Mechanic Beats 3 Cover
Bio-Mechanic Beats 3
14,50   11,60

The Bio-Mechanic Beats series from Perimeter Sound Arts returns with a whole new batch of live and programmed beats and percussion for your tracks. 'Bio-Mechanic Beats III' features over 1/2 GB of new 24-Bit material. Make no mistake, the main focus is on the beats and percussion, 80% of the content is just that - d... 'Bio-Mechanic Beats... details

Kunundrum 3 Cover
Kunundrum 3

Kunundrum 3 features more of the familiar beats, percussion, basslines, synths and FX you loved in the first two volumes. For producers of Jungle, Electro, Industrial and IDM. Perimeter Sound is proud to announce that 'Kunundrum 3' has been completed, and is ready to meet some new friends. While almost every aspect has been improved and... details

Premier Neuro Superpack Vol. 2 Cover
Premier Neuro Superpack Vol. 2

Following up on the fire-hot summer release of Premier Neuro Superpack, Premier Sound Bank is back at it with over 300 ready neuro sounds for all the junglists and bass producers. By integrating Bass, Drums, FX and Orchestral Loops we've built the full package needed for top-tier neuro bass music, whether you're making Neurofunk D&B or... details

Bass Music for Serum Cover
Bass Music for Serum

Electronisounds' Bass Music for Serum will definitely recharge your sound arsenal and give you new inspiration! Overflowing with ALL the fresh sounds you need to write your own bass music bangers from the ground up. The sounds are so easy to use and versatile, you will be coming back to this pack again and again to use the sounds in... details

Deep Dubstep and Dark Garage Cover
Deep Dubstep and Dark Garage

64 highly expressive deep dubstep presets for NI Massive. This is for the fans of REAL Dubstep, containing deep subs, hypnotic pulsating basses and other bass sounds, ethereal pads, chilled synths, dark soundscapes and more. With emphasis on strong low frequencies and a dubby, dark feel, 'Deep Dubstep and Dark Garage' fully embraces the... details

Premier Neuro Superpack Cover
Premier Neuro Superpack

Coming hot off the recent Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3 and Premier DnB Massive Patches Vol. 2, we're back with the all new Premier Neuro Superpack! While we have released several volumes of bass in the past, we have included some much requested Drums and FX in the Neuro Superpack and these are ready to be used in your next big tunes. Suitable... details

Uber Brutal Dubstep for NI Massive Cover
Uber Brutal Dubstep for NI Massive

This is a collection of 64 explosive, heavy dubstep patches for NI Massive. 'Uber Brutal Dubstep' lives up to it's name, offering psychotic and rage-infused growls, drops, bass loops, subs and wobblers. Rounding out the collection is an assortment of dubstep-friendly leads, plucks, pads and other synth sounds. Inspiration was drawn from such... details

Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3 Cover
Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3

It's been two years since the release of one of our all-time best-selling packs, Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 2 and we are now back with a vengeance and bringing you the ultimate pack with Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3. With almost 300 roaring, heavy and deep Drums, Bass and FX sounds, Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 3 has everything... details

Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3 Cover
Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3

Following up on the massive packs that were Premier Neuro Bass Volume 1 & 2, Premier Sound Bank is back at it with an even more monstrous Volume 3. With over 1000 roaring bass growls, reeses, fx and more Premier Neuro Bass Volume 3 delivers the full package for a bass music producer. Whether you're looking to implement some... details

Premier DnB Massive Patches Vol 2 Cover
Premier DnB Massive Patches Vol 2

A full 18 months after the release of Premier DnB Massive Patches, we are back with our second round of DnB Massive Patches and these are well worth the wait. With 70 top-tier patches with ultra-unique reece basses, leads and SFX it truly is the full package for the DnB producer working with Native Instruments Massive. But don't take... details

Evolved Drum and Bass Cover
Evolved Drum and Bass

Evolved Drum and Bass brings a wealth of new frenetic, techy, glitchy, neuro and rolling DnB inspiration to your DAW! This pack is overflowing with unique and extremely creative content! 877 samples, 900+ MB. Everything you need to write your own DnB banger from the ground up is here, including: drumloops, drum one-shots, drum stutters... details