Rock Loops


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Essential Acoustic Guitar
19,00   14,25

"Essential Acoustic Guitar" features loop samples from the virtuosic guitar playing of Nick Cassarino. You will find that Nick's playing fits many modern styles such as pop, R&B, rock and Hip Hop. This collection is full of riffs, chords and guitar gestures that will add richness to your next project. As a bonus, Fix-A-Flat... details

Domino Effect
23,00   17,25

Domino Effect Construction Kit includes 17 high quality acoustic loops (kick, snare, bass, synths, guitars, synths etc.) of professionally recorded and engineered audio material split by sections (Intro, Verse, Chorus part-A & part-B, Bridge). This inspiring Construction Kit comes in the form of ready-to-go songs, broken down into separate... details

18,50   13,88

'Infinity' brings you the latest in professionally engineered, cutting-edge audio material, including kick, snare, bass, synths, guitars, pianos, and more. This cutting-edge Construction Kit is broken down into individual elements (Intro, Verse, Chorus part-A & part-B, Bridge). This Rock and Pop Construction Kit includes... details

The Sinner
18,50   13,88

'The Sinner' provides 18 fresh loops of professionally produced audio material (kick, snare, bass, synths, guitars, pianos etc.) split by sections (Intro, Verse, Chorus part-A & part-B, Bridge). This Rock and Pop Construction Kits includes acoustic content which allows you to add creativity and personality to your productions. This... details

Cruel Intension
18,50   13,88

'Cruel Intension' brings you 22 outstanding loops (kick, snare, bass, synths, guitars, pianos etc.) of professionally recorded and engineered audio material split by sections (Intro, Verse, Chorus part-A & part-B, Bridge). This inspiring Construction Kit comes in the form of ready-to-go songs, broken down into separate loops. This... details

Vocal Attack
18,00   9,45

'Vocal Attack' from 'Wide Range Electric' features a great collection of vocoders, vocal lines, song kits, spoken words and whispers, adlips and scats. Includes a great selection of 24 bit wav-files ready to use in your productions. 'Vocal Attack' includes no less than 350 male and female Vocals ready to use in your production. You will... details

Xenos-Soundworks - Nineteen Eighty Four
7,00   5,25

Nineteen Eighty Four, a bank of 128 presets, combines the distinctive, characteristic sounds of the 1980's with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in George Orwell's classic novel, Nineteen Eighty Four. The 3.V version of this set makes use of Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V's new features as well as a... details

Xenos Soundworks - Retro
8,00   6,00

The "Retro" soundset contains 130 sounds covering basses, leads, pads, keys, polysynths and FX sounds from the late 70's up to the late 1980's. Genres covered: New Wave, Rock, Pop, early Rap and Electro. This bank is delivered to you in both FXB and AXF formats. Please Note: AAS Ultra Analog is required in order to use... details

Xenos Soundworks - Forever 80's
7,00   5,25

Forever 80's contains 64 vintage synth sounds from one of the most innovative decades of the 20th century - the 1980's - and covers many famous sounds heard in hit songs during that era. Please Note: u-He Zebra is required in order to use these patches. Patch List: BA Analog Bass BA Crushed BA Digigrit BA... details

Xenos Soundworks - Vintage Sounds
1,50   1,13

A bank of 32 sounds inspired by classic hit songs from the 1970's and 80's. Please Note: Rob Papen Predator is required in order to use these patches. Patch List: BA Dripping Wet BA Fat Bass BA PPG Character BA Punchy Ana BA Rez Bass FX Oxycontin KB Deep Purple KB Metallic PPG LD Baritone... details

Junebug's MIDI Madness
17,00   12,75

Welcome to Junebug's MIDI Madness! You've just hit the jack-pot! With over 325 MIDI loops of all varieties, you can create new tracks, or embellish existing ones effortlessly! Everything you need to put together electronic music is featured here: from phat drumbeats to string runs. Start with over 180 drum loops (General MIDI and... details

Vocal Attack 2
20,00   10,50

'Vocal Attack 2' features 343 Royalty-Free Male and Female Vocal Samples in 16-Bit WAV Format. Includes spoken words, lines, shouts, adlibs, funny vocals, slang, scats and more! Make your productions sound special with Vocal Attack 2. Following on from the great success of Vocal Attack 1 comes Vocal Attack 2. This new volume of vocal... details

Vocal Attack: Special Bundle
50,00   26,25

'Vocal Attack: Special Bundle' contains Vocal Attack 1, 2 and 3 in one download! 1193 Royalty-Free vocal samples ready for your productions. Get ready for this huge vocal sample library full of male and female vocals, spoken words, ad-Libs, whispers, hooks, song lines, shouts and many more. Listed below are the specifications for the... details

Old School Rockin' Live Drums
16,00   12,00

'Old School Rockin' Live Drums' takes you on a sentimental journey into the past, delving into some of the most archetypal 80's drum loops and fills created using vintage hardware for added authenticity. 61 loops, and 36 fills in 5 tempos, plus MIDI makes this an unmissable pack. This pack contains 61 retro drum loops and 36 fills in 5... details

Vocal Attack: Jana Edition
23,00   12,08

'Vocal Attack: Jana Edition' brings you all the chilling female vocal samples from amazing artist Jana Tarasenko found in 'Vocal Attack Vols 1-3' and 'Lounge Vibes', all in one incredible pack, plus more than 100 brand new and unheard bonus vocals. This must-have edition includes phrases, shouts, lines, adlibs and many more elements... details