Rock Loops


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Pure Acoustic Special Edition Cover
Pure Acoustic Special Edition

'Pure Acoustic Special Edition' features extreme high quality 24-Bit samples with a matched pair of Schoeps mics through API preamps recorded at 24/196 then downsampled for Kontakt, Reason ReFill or Logic Pro EXS24. Each note has been meticulously reproduced with up to 9 sample-layers per note. The instrument selection is a Martin HD-28... details

Magic 80s Cover
Magic 80s

One of the most influential times in music history! All of the most known modern genres were inspired by the time of the 80s. That is why we've prepared our new product called ‘Magic 80s’. Made with attention to details on one of the most known, classic - Korg M1 – the most popular instrument in the 80s. Made by a producer... details

Electrified! Guitars For Reason ReFill & Kontakt Cover
Electrified! Guitars For Reason ReFill & Kontakt

'Electrified! Guitars For Reason ReFill & Kontakt' features vintage and modern electric guitars. Most guitars were played either through a huge Marshall four speaker stack or an original 1965 Fender Deluxe Amp "Blackface", or both, also some Mesa Boogie, and various DI. This instrument makes extensive use of real time controls,... details

Blues Guitar Grooves Vol 2 Cover
Blues Guitar Grooves Vol 2

'Blues Guitar Grooves Vol 2' from Vanilla Groove Studios will add some grit and soul to your tracks. Building on the popular first Volume, this pack features 64 rough and ready Blues guitar loops arranged into five Construction Kits (including rhythm, lead, and some bass loops), ranging from 68 to 140 BPM. 'Blues Guitar Loops Vol 2'... details

Heavy Industrial Cover
Heavy Industrial

'Heavy Industrial' loops and samples from producer Peter Smith combines Industrial components with heavy glitched beats and textures. Great for Rock, Industrial EDM, Glitch Hop and Cinematic Sci-Fi FXs. 120 Loops in total. These Heavy Industrial loops come directly from the depths of the industry's top sounds of mechanical beat orientated... details

Ubertwang Bundle (Vols 1-3) Cover
Ubertwang Bundle (Vols 1-3)

'Ubertwang Bundle (Vols 1-3)' includes volumes 1, 2 and 3 of Vanilla Groove Studios' popular Ubertwang series. This pack contains 159 twang-tastic loops arranged in 16 loop sets ranging from 80 to 140 BPM. Recorded with a de-tuned Fender Stratocaster played through a classic tube amp, these loops will add some razor sharp bling to your tracks.... details

Park's Edition Cover
Park's Edition

'Park's Edition' is an incredible new Rock series from Big Citi Loops. These five Construction Kits are modelled after the incredible Rock group, Linkin Park. If you're a fan, you would swear that Big Citi Loops got Linkin Park to produce this pack as the sounds and arrangements were done with perfection. This pack also includes A&B... details

Pop Rock Tunes 2 Cover
Pop Rock Tunes 2

'Pop Rock Tunes Vol 2' from Big Boy Audio represents that unique Pop/Rock with its second installment. These electric, high energy loops have taken their inspiration from Pop superstars such as Justin Beiber, Dondria, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink, and many more. You'll find five Construction Kits of Pop material for you... details

Industrial Glitch Cover
Industrial Glitch

"Industrial Glitch" by sound designer Peter Smith includes hundreds of high-quality loops for Industrial, Rock and Cinematic productions. Contents: Beats and Rhythms: 89 loop Bass: 28 loops Pads and Textures: 22 loops Synths, Guitar and FX: 26 loops Total loops: 165 120BPM - 150BPM Formats:... details

Ubertwang Vol 3 Cover
Ubertwang Vol 3

Ubertwang Vol. 3 delivers 73 twang-tastic guitar riffs, rhythms and hooks, arranged in 5 loop sets ranging from 100 to 140 BPM. Recorded with a de-tuned Fender Stratocaster played through a classic tube amp, these loops will add some razor sharp bling to your tracks. Pack Includes: 122 BPM - B - Clean Twang 1 – DRY 140... details

Mandolin Magic Vol 2 Cover
Mandolin Magic Vol 2

Bring some sharp mountain magic to your tracks with “Mandolin Magic Vol 1”. This pack includes 57 blistering riffs, rhythms and melodies arranged in 6 loop sets at 80 BPM. Loops were recorded on steel string mandolin with finger and plectrum and are perfect for adding warmth and spritz to your tracks. Loops can be mixed and... details

Rockin Guitar Riffs Vol 1 Cover
Rockin Guitar Riffs Vol 1

Bring some serious guitar grunt bling to your tracks with “Rockin Guitar Riffs Vol 1”. Featuring 42 blistering guitar loops arranged in 9 construction kits (including wet and dry mixes), ranging from 80 to 165 BPM, Rockin Guitar Riffs gives you the tools you need to add a little growl to your next hit track. Wet/Dry Loops... details

80's Glam Metal Cover
80's Glam Metal

80s Glam Metal is your one stop resource for Guitar shredding head-banging Hair Metal! You'll get long lead guitar solos, guitar rhythms, electric basslines, and big drums. There are four construction kits in total (39 loops) and a slammin' set of drum one shots from Bullet Boys drummer Jimmy D'Anda in wav and NI Battery format (compatible... details

World String Loops - Ronroco Vol 2 Cover
World String Loops - Ronroco Vol 2

Building on the success of our first volume, Vanilla Groove Studios is proud to present the second in our World Strings series; Roncoco loops volume 2. This pack contains 69 stunning Ronroco loops recorded “dry”, allowing the natural tone and texture of the Ronroco to clearly resonate. Use the loops as is to add a little depth to... details

Punchy Guitar and Bass Loops Vol 1 Cover
Punchy Guitar and Bass Loops Vol 1

Add some punch to your tracks with “Punchy Guitar and Bass Loops Vol 1”, a gritty collection of funk/rock loops perfect for hip-hop, dubstep and EDM tracks. Contained within are 63 crunchy guitar and bass loops, arranged in 5 loop sets ranging from 90 to 140 BPM. Loop packs contain rhythm, lead and bass components which can be used... details