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Nu Rock Cover
Nu Rock

Nu Rock is a set five, guitar-rich, construction kits for producing Alternative, Indie, and Punk Rock. Each kit has live drums, electric bass guitar, rhythm, and leads. Performed by industry veteran Stacey Blades. Tempo and key information is in both the meta-data and file naming structure. Zipped Contents (307 MB) 5... details

The Rock Virtue Cover
The Rock Virtue

'The Rock Virtue' brings you that Contemporary Rock from Munique Music. These five rock Construction Kits include vocals and LIVE guitars to take your productions to the next level. This awesome pack includes Rock and Hardstyle Rock. All parts are rendered as individual audio stems including vocals, live and solo guitars, bass, kick,... details

Pop Rockin’ Guitars Vol 2 Cover
Pop Rockin’ Guitars Vol 2

Bring some serious guitar bling to your tracks with “Pop Rockin’ Guitars Vol 2”. Featuring 38 blistering guitar loops arranged in 5 construction kits (including wet and dry mixes), ranging from 128 to 133 BPM, Pop Rockin’ Guitars gives you the tools you need to build your next pop hit! Stereo Kits Each... details

Hill & Billies Country Cover
Hill & Billies Country

'Hill & Billies Country' is not the kind of Country music you are used to. Munique Music has several placements in various genres such as Country, Indie, Latin, Rock, Heavy Metal, and Pop. This pack brings you vocals with a unique Country style. Musicians like Rascall Flatts, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Lady... details

World String Loops - Ronroco Vol 1 Cover
World String Loops - Ronroco Vol 1

From the makers of Odd String Thing, and Nylon String Arps, comes another world first! The first installment of our “World String” series features the warm melodic tones of the Bolivian Ronroco. This pack contains 72 stunning loops recorded “dry”, allowing the natural tone and texture of the Ronroco to clearly... details

Rock 'n' Roll Empire 2 Cover
Rock 'n' Roll Empire 2

'Rock 'n' Roll Empire 2' is the second instalment of this incredible new Rock Series from Nine 8 Audio. These five Construction Kits are known for having a unique style in each song. These styles include New School Rock, Indie Rock, Hardstyle Rock, and Contemporary Rock. This new series focuses on multiple styles of Rock to give you... details

Odd String Thing Vol 2 – Nylon Twang Cover
Odd String Thing Vol 2 – Nylon Twang

Add some baritone bravado to your tracks with “Odd String Thing Vol 2 – Nylon Twang”. The second installment in the “Odd String Thing” series delivers 85 twang-tastic loops in 10 loop sets ranging from 90 to 140 BPM. The pack was recorded using detuned Spanish guitars and the vigorous application of force, giving... details

Crunchy Rock Guitar Loops Vol 1 Cover
Crunchy Rock Guitar Loops Vol 1

74 gritty rock loops to add some steel and fire to your tracks. Recorded using high end guitars and an overdriven tube amp, to give each loop superior tone and texture, all loops are included “dry”, giving you all the flexibility you need to twist and warp them to your heart’s desire. Pack Contains: 140 BPM -... details

Nylon Sorrows Vol 1 Cover
Nylon Sorrows Vol 1

Add some emotive magic to your tracks with ‘Nylon Sorrows Vol 1’. This pack contains a soothing collection of 53 brooding guitar loops, ranging from 66 to 160 BPM and arranged in 5 easy to use Construction Kits. Recorded on high end nylon string guitars, these loops are perfect for Chillout and Downtempo tracks. Stereo Kits... details

80s Nu Wave Cover
80s Nu Wave

80s Nu Wave is a collection of 5 construction kits with its focus on electric guitar. Each kit has multiple guitar loops (both rhythm and lead), a bass loop, and beats. This is not as much of a synth pop library as it is a guitar library. Use these loops to give your Indie Dance tunes a live player's edge. 41 loops in total. 24 bit 44.1kHz... details

Vocal Attack 4 Cover
Vocal Attack 4

The forth installment in the series. Vocal Attack 4 delivering 500 royalty free vocal samples in a range of styles, this amazingly priced sample pack is a must for producers of everything from ambient, to pop and dance. Following on from the hugely successful Vocal Attack 1-3, Vol. 4 brings you 500 royalty free Vocal samples in 24 bit WAV... details

Finger Tap Arps Vol 1 Cover
Finger Tap Arps Vol 1

From the makers of Odd String Thing, and Nylon String Arps, comes another world first. “Finger Tap Arps Vol 1” brings you 61 finger tapping loops to liven up your tracks. Recorded using high end guitars and an overdriven tube amp, to give each loop superior tone and texture, all loops are included “dry”, giving you all... details

Ubertwang Vol. 1 Cover
Ubertwang Vol. 1

Ubertwang Vol. 1 delivers 45 twang-tastic guitar riffs, rhythms and hooks, arranged in 5 loop sets ranging from 80 to 140 BPM. Recorded with a de-tuned Fender Stratocaster played through a classic tube amp, these loops will add some razor sharp bling to your tracks. Pack Includes: 80 BPM - C - BLACK DIAMOND 100 BPM - B - A... details

Ukulele Loops Vol 1 Cover
Ukulele Loops Vol 1

“Ukulele Loops Vol 1” brings some chirpy sunshine to your tracks. This pack of lovingly crafted ukulele loops were recorded with a selection of high end ukes on a mid-summer’s day, with pixies flittering all about. Featuring 36 funderful ukulele loops arranged in 6 construction kits, ranging from 92 to 110 BPM, Ukulele Loops... details

70s and 80s Synths for Massive Cover
70s and 80s Synths for Massive

'70s and 80s Synths' contains 64 retro-styled presets for Native Instruments Massive, invoking fond memories of that bygone era. All 8 Macros are intelligently assigned to each patch for maximum variation and expression. Please note: that these patches require Native Instruments Massive and are in NMSV format only! About the... details