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Loops and Samples for Dubstep & Breaks Music

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Monster Bass Cover
Monster Bass

Smokey Loops presents “Monster Bass”, a new collection of sounds hammer. You need to pump energy and intensity in your tracks? Monster Bass brings you 5 Construction Kits with fluid paced rhythms and fresh tones, each containing a single song demo and all its audio components. You will find inside Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody... details

THE ONE: Future Wobble Cover
THE ONE: Future Wobble

Are you looking for wobbly patches with great diversity and high quality? Then you have come to the right place! THE ONE present to you THE ONE: Future Wobble, featuring 43 wobbly presets, and 7 stab presets for your next Future Wobble track. In this pack we really aimed for giving you a package with a lot of diversity and a lot of... details

Kunundrum Triple Bundle Cover
Kunundrum Triple Bundle

'Kunundrum Triple Bundle' from Perimeter Sound contains the content from the entire Kunundrum trilogy, Vol 1, 2 & 3, over 1/2 a gig each. Now you can get all of the Kunundrum loops and samples in one specially priced pack. Available in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats. 'Kunundrum Triple Bundle' includes the following products... details

Dubstep Synths Vol. 2 Cover
Dubstep Synths Vol. 2

Following up on the first edition of Dubstep Synths, Premier Sound Bank are back with 170 platinum, bass-music synth sounds. Suitable for all styles of bass music, whether's its tear-out, lazer bass or riddim, there's some sounds here for you. The pack includes: 76 One Shots 94 Synth Loops Total = 170 sounds Please... details

Bio-Mechanic Beats: Triple Bundle Cover
Bio-Mechanic Beats: Triple Bundle

'Bio-Mechanic Beats: Triple Bundle' from Perimeter Sound Arts brings you all three volumes in this series for one special price. You'll find tonnes of experimental percussive loops in ACID WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats. 'Bio-Mechanic Beats: Triple Bundle' includes the following products which are described below: Bio-Mechanic... details

Drum Machines - 32 Drum Kits Cover
Drum Machines - 32 Drum Kits

Hex Loops proudly presents Drum Machines - 32 Drum Kits, a collection of unique drum samples recorded from some of the best vintage drum machines ever: Roland 606, Roland 707, Roland 808, Roland 909, Kawai R50, Yamaha DD10 and Korg ER1. With a total of 290 one shots sample sounds this pack will fit perfect in any electro dance music production... details

Complex Progressions Cover
Complex Progressions

'Complex Progressions' from Pulsed Records features a fusion of melodic Pop, Dance & Progressive with Complextro to deliver a cutting-edge sound for all producers looking for an innovative approach to the modern Dance music. This combination of genres has been in high demand over the last few years. Top labels, such as Interscope,... details

Black Label Glitch Hop Cover
Black Label Glitch Hop

Black Label Glitch Hop brings a wealth of new woofer-shaking, frenetic and funky inspiration to your DAW -- This samples/midi/presets pack is for all you creative sample choppers, funky beat lovers, frequency-splitters, digital crate-diggers, glitch freaks and re-sample-neuro-bass-heads! This pack is overflowing with EVERYTHING you need to... details

Honey Monster Vol. 1 for U-he HIVE Cover
Honey Monster Vol. 1 for U-he HIVE

'Honey Monster Vol. 1' is a collection of 64 new programmed presets created for U-he HIVE. The soundset contain sounds suitable for most electronic genres, e.g. Deep House, Mainroom House, Future House, Garage, Chip-tunes, Drum'n'Bass and even Dub Techno. The pack contains a broad variety of sounds programmed with no particular genre in mind.... details

THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal Cover
THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal

Are you looking for a preset collection with a diverse collection of buildup riser effects? Then you have come to the right place! THE ONE: Buildup Arsenal features 52 buildup effects for NI Massive, all with strong characters to stand out and give your buildups a more unique touch that will make you cut through. These riser effects have been... details

Cinematic Tension Sound Effects Cover
Cinematic Tension Sound Effects

'Cinematic Tension Sound Effects' from Bluezone Corporation contains over 213 dark soundscapes, impressive impacts, perfectly recorded disturbing sound effects, analog synth sequences and textures you never heard. This sound library provides a perfect selection of Cinematic and Trailer samples ready to be used in all your projects. This... details

Abstract Sound FX Cover
Abstract Sound FX

With every bass music track the Sound FX are an important backbone to each production, especially when the Sound FX are dark, deep and experimental. Abstract Sound FX comes with a full suite of Sound FX that are suitable for DnB, Dubstep, Glitch Hop as well as other bass infused music styles. The pack includes 33 Foley 10... details

Bio-Mechanic Beats 3 Cover
Bio-Mechanic Beats 3

The Bio-Mechanic Beats series from Perimeter Sound Arts returns with a whole new batch of live and programmed beats and percussion for your tracks. 'Bio-Mechanic Beats III' features over 1/2 GB of new 24-Bit material. Make no mistake, the main focus is on the beats and percussion, 80% of the content is just that - d... 'Bio-Mechanic Beats... details

Kunundrum 3 Cover
Kunundrum 3

Kunundrum 3 features more of the familiar beats, percussion, basslines, synths and FX you loved in the first two volumes. For producers of Jungle, Electro, Industrial and IDM. Perimeter Sound is proud to announce that 'Kunundrum 3' has been completed, and is ready to meet some new friends. While almost every aspect has been improved and... details

Minimalist Textures for NI Massive Cover
Minimalist Textures for NI Massive

Minimalism DONE RIGHT! Sometimes you want something with a light character in your tracks, but you still don't want to sound like everyone else. Do not be fooled by the "Minimalist" title. Minimalism is all about the subtleties and a sublime state of mind. There is typically more going on underneath the surface than what is... details