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Loopy Tunes Vol 1

Price: 13,00

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'Loopy Tunes Vol 1' contains 30 breakbeat arrangements, presented as song length samples, rather than short loops. These contain variations and fills, ready for you to drop into existing productions or combine with acapellas.

With complete tracks ranging from 1 - 3 minutes, these breakbeat arrangements come with plenty of variations to keep your track fresh and interesting. The patterns naturally evolve and develop layers, ready for you to structure choruses or dense instrumental sections around.

Of course, you can also chop these loops into smaller blocks to be mixed and matched as you see fit.


  • AIFF
  • REX2
  • WAV

Track List:

  • 01. [87 bpm] Funker
  • 02. [96 bpm] Flip-Flop
  • 03. [105 bpm] Cornflakes
  • 04. [106 bpm] Raptrap
  • 05. [115 bpm] Jigsaw
  • 06. [120 bpm] Scuba
  • 07. [120 bpm] Twilight
  • 08. [123 bpm] Vamp
  • 09. [128 bpm] Biosphere
  • 10. [130 bpm] Bisquit
  • 11. [130 bpm] Droid
  • 12. [131 bpm] Panic
  • 13. [132 bpm] Slider
  • 14. [135 bpm] Detroit
  • 15. [135 bpm] Gravy
  • 16. [139 bpm] Teabreak
  • 17. [140 bpm] Jaybreak
  • 18. [141 bpm] Scoobyloop
  • 19. [143 bpm] Shizsticks
  • 20. [145 bpm] Barbwire
  • 21. [145 bpm] Mooloop
  • 22. [150 bpm] Holdup
  • 23. [150 bpm] Kingpin
  • 24. [150 bpm] Phreaker
  • 25. [160 bpm] Omen
  • 26. [160 bpm] Trekrodite
  • 27. [165 bpm] Smarties
  • 28. [165 bpm] SOS
  • 29. [169 bpm] Gator
  • 30. [170 bpm] Slammer

Suitable for Breakbeat, Breaks, Drum-and-Bass etc.

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