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Drawing Circles


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Loopbased returns with a another hit-making product - ‘Drawing Circles’ is a Dubstep sound bank for the amazing Circle VSTi from Future Audio Workshop. These sounds are not only an impressive demonstration of Circle’s capabilities but also a true innovation since it is the first professional Dubstep kit made for it.

Circle is probably one of the most underrated modern software synthesizers. Not only is it extremely easy to use, it also features a unique graphical user interface and most importantly a magnificent sound.

Being a huge fan of Circle, Energy Alchemist hand-crafted a set of banging Dubstep bass sounds which are designed to make you sound like the pro's. The 40 original sounding patches can easily be used to create throbbing bass lines but some of them magically work as lead sounds as well.

About the demo song:

The demo includes drum sounds which are not included in the actual product. Drawing Circles contains bass and lead sound patches only!

About the producer:

Energy Alchemist is a collaborative musical talent influenced by music spanning genres ranging from electronic, metal, rock, dance, world, industrial and tribal; fusing sounds to create a whole new audio experience....psychedelic dub-step meets glitchy trip-hop innovation.

Installation notes:

Copy ‘Preset’ and ‘Wavetables’ folders to the Circle installation directory on your hard drive and merge both folders with current.

Please note:
The latest version of the Circle VSTi is required to use this product!

Suitable for Breaks, Drum-and-Bass, Dub-Tech, Dubstep etc.

Review in Beat (02/2012) | Visit website

"Dubstep has long since become a mainstream phenomenon. No wonder then, that specialized sound sets for this style appear everywhere. The patch collection Drawing Circles now shows that the flexible FAW Circle synthesizer works perfectly for the iconic dubstep sounds. Thanks to the use of own wavetables the 40 bass and lead sounds sonically stand out from analog standards. One shortcoming is the lack of possibility to alter sound parameters using the mod wheel and velocity. Nevertheless, the sound set has a distinctive sound and is a convincing demonstration of sound food for Circle."

4 out of 6 points | ★★★★––

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